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RTK Safety

The NFPA has designed RTK standards to help keep employees and emergency response teams safe. The NFPA diamond is used to quickly identify specific hazards.

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NFPA RTK safety and labeling

rtk labeling guide Many laboratories and work environments require the use of NFPA 704 labels, known as "Right To Know" labels. These labels are easily recognizable and are often called "NFPA Diamond" or "Fire Diamond" labels. When used properly, these RTK labels can provide quick and easy to understand warning and hazard information.

What does the NFPA Diamond do?

The NFPA Diamond is a hazard identification signal that consists of a color-coded array of four numbers or letters arranged in a diamond shape. You will see hazard diamonds like this on trucks, storage tanks, bottles of chemicals, and in various other places. The blue, red, and yellow fields (health, flammability, and reactivity) all use a numbering scale ranging from 0 to 4. A value of zero means that the material poses essentially no hazard; a rating of four indicates extreme danger.

Can I print custom NFPA Diamond labels?

With our RTK label printer and supplies you can create custom NFPA RTK labels when you need them. NFPA Diamond labels help increase safety by keeping workers aware of chemical hazards. Our specially designed label software also includes personal protective information that will help workers determine what type of protective clothing is needed to handle a given chemical.